About Seek

Who is Seek for?

Women who drink alcohol (whether you drink once a month, only on weekends or several times a week).

How can I benefit from taking a Seek test?

Seek’s approach is the first to focus on how alcohol impacts the female body differently. We developed our test to give women more information about how alcohol impacts their health. Our results can help you address any symptoms that could be caused by drinking (e.g., trouble sleeping, anxiety, skin irritation) and monitor for early indicators of the top alcohol-related diseases (e.g., breast cancer, heart disease, liver disease).

What biomarkers are included with Seek’s test?

We test for biomarkers across core health categories that are sensitive to alcohol at low levels of consumption. All biomarkers included within Seek’s test are listed on our Shop page with an overview of each biomarker and how drinking can impact it.

How is Seek’s test different from other at-home tests and lab work I get from my doctor?

Seek’s test is the first to measure biomarkers across core health categories that are sensitive to alcohol consumption. We package your test results with drinking and lifestyle modifications that are generated from your biomarker levels and the most comprehensive research on alcohol and women’s health. This is why Seek is able to offer insights you can’t get anywhere else. 

Every time you retest, your results and modifications become more personalized.

How does the cost of a Seek test compare to other at-home tests and lab work?

You can only purchase Seek’s test on our website (www.seekhealthtest.com), but if you were to try to replicate a similar test at a clinic it would cost over $1,800. This cost only includes lab work, not booking specialist appointments to learn about how alcohol impacts different areas of health. It also doesn’t include the personalized drinking and lifestyle modifications you get with a Seek test and the ability to get smarter results every time you retest. 

What clinical and researcher specialities were used to develop Seek’s test?

Our medical advisors have clinical and research specialities across alcohol-related disease, cardiology, OB-GYN (fertility + menopause), breast cancer, sleep medicine, psychology and genetics.

Is Seek’s test CLIA/CAP compliant?

Yes. Our lab partner is CLIA and CAP certified.

What is Seek’s stance on data privacy?

Seek takes your privacy very seriously. We implement and routinely update rigorous cybersecurity and data protection systems to maintain the confidentiality of your information. See our full Privacy Policy to learn more about everything we’re doing to keep your private information private.

Do you offer discounts on retesting?

Yes! We offer 30% discounts on retesting, so you only pay full price for your first test. 

Fast math= two Seek tests is less than 1/10 the cost of a similar test at a health clinic.

Can I share my Seek test results with my doctor?

Absolutely. We encourage you to share your Seek test results with your doctor. Our hope is that the personalized insights you receive from Seek will make you feel empowered and help you become a more active patient in conversations with your doctor.

Shipping + Returns

How long will it take for me to receive my test kit?

The average delivery time is 3-5 business days from when you place your Seek order.

How long will it take for me to receive my results?

The average turnaround time for results is 5-7 business days from when you ship your Seek test kit (including your sample) back to us.

How can I track my Seek order?

When you placed your order, we sent a tracking link to the email associated with your Seek account. If you’re having trouble finding the link or tracking your order, send us a note at support@seekhealthtest.com

Can I return my Seek order?

We accept returns within 24 hours of when you place your order and charge a $25 fee per kit returned. After 24 hours, we no longer accept returns since your order could already be on the way to you.

Do you ship internationally?

Seek currently only ships within the United States.

Payments + Insurance

Can I use my health insurance to pay for my Seek test?

We don’t currently accept health insurance because the cost of our test is so low that health insurance wouldn’t make our test less expensive for the majority of our customers. If we introduce products or services in the future that would become more affordable with health insurance, partnerships with health insurance plans will become a top priority for Seek.

Can I use HSA/FSA to pay for my Seek test?

We are currently in the process of providing our customers with this option. Check back soon for an update on timing.

What payment methods does Seek accept?

Seek accepts all major credit cards and debit cards.

Manage Your Seek Account

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, visit our account login page and click the “Reset Password” button. If you need more help, send us a note at support@seekhealthtest.com.

Can I change the email or phone number associated with my Seek account?

Yes! You can change your email or password by logging into your Seek account and going to the account settings page. If you need more help, send us a note support@seekhealthtest.com.