Alcohol affects women differently.

We’re obsessed with understanding why.

The female body metabolizes alcohol slower because of how we’re made physiologically.

When you factor in genetics, drinking habits and other lifestyle practices, it’s no surprise that some of us experience hangxiety, while others get breakouts that no amount of topicals seem to fix.

This is why we developed a test to help every woman understand how alcohol impacts her body - whether she wants to focus on sleep, energy levels, reproductive health, or her risk for breast cancer.

By making information about how alcohol impacts women’s health accessible, affordable and actionable, our mission is to help every woman prevent an alcohol-related diagnosis - and feel better along the way.

Built by women who have been there

"Before starting Seek, I spent years trying to understand how drinking impacted my health. I booked specialist appointments, I did my own research, and I accepted almost every test offered to me. This resulted in thousands of dollars in medical bills, and usually more questions than answers. 

I founded Seek with the belief that it should be easy and affordable for every woman to get information about how alcohol impacts her health and track how it changes over time.

No surprise medical bills, no confusing lab reports, no struggling to fit in a doctor's appointment, and definitely no gaslighting. Just actionable insights, unique to our own bodies, on our own timelines."

Katie Garry
Founder + CEO

  • Merrill Hagerman

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Nicole Gergits

    Head of Content

  • Dr. Pritha Gupta, MD
    at UCLA Health

    Medical Advisor, Cardiology

  • Dr. Jennifer Acostamadeido, MD
    at UCLA Health

    Medical Advisor, Sleep Medicine

  • Dr. Cynthia Abraham, MD
    at Mount Sinai

    Medical Advisor, OB-GYN

  • Dr. Danielle Dick, PhD
    at Rutgers University

    Science Advisor, Genetics & Alcohol-Related Disease

  • Dr. Reagan Wetherill, PhD
    at University of Pennsylvania

    Science Advisor, Alcohol-Related Disease